How To Find DTF Girls Easily (Down To F*ck)

How To Find DTF Girls Easily (Down To F*ck)

how to find girls who are down to fuck

By Garrett “G-Wolf” Webster

What To Look For

Identifying the type of woman that takes her clothes off by the end of the night may seem to be an impossible task. However, after you know what you should be looking for, it will become one of the easiest things to do without even thinking about it. Just like anything else, identifying slutty women is a skill. Any skill can be taught and executed.

The Signs

Below are a list of signs that the girl you are looking at may be slutty enough for your immature behavior.

She Smokes – If a girl smokes cigarettes or marijuana, she most likely puts out. Those who believe, “My body is a temple” aren’t putting out for a different guy every night. However, if they are smoking or doing any kind of drugs they probably aren’t thinking too far into the future of their health. This leaves a perfect spot for a nasty sweaty guy like yourself to squeeze into.

smoking woman

She Has A Tattoo/Tattoos – If a girl has tattoos, it is pretty much saying, “Hey, I have really low self esteem and I needed someone to put ink PERMANENTLY into my skin so that I receive more attention.” Definitely give that girl the attention she craves, and then she will probably be paying plenty of attention to your penis after a couple drinks.

woman with tattoos

She Is Dressed Like A Slut – Believe it or not, women who dress like a slut usually want to be fucked like one that night.

girl dressed like a slut

She Drinks A Lot – Women who get wasted at the bar and stay all the way until the bar closes will definitely put out. Drinking a lot could be a sign of a lot of problems… depression, stress, being an alcoholic… All problems that are easily solved by your penis. Remember – alcohol is liquid lubrication.

alcoholic lady


In conclusion, most young women out there in the United States are sluts. Go out there and start talking to women. In order to be successful at anything, you have to do that thing. So, want to get laid? Then go out there and talk a girl into taking off her panties.

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