Easiest Way To Have Sex With A Girl

Straight Line Sex Method

easiest way to have sex with a girl

By Garrett “G-Wolf” Webster

Alright, this is definitely the EASIEST and probably FASTEST way to get sex, but it is definitely a numbers game. This method is super SIMPLE and even a complete idiot can get laid with this, however, you do need one trait to really make this method highly effective – CONFIDENCE. Those with insane confidence (Or who can fake very high confidence) will really love this method.



The method is the absolute easiest way to have sex with a girl and works really well if you can be confident and stay confident, but there is one major thing that is very important to making this method work well – ALCOHOL. That’s right, break out the Bacardi, this chick is going to need low inhibitions in order to sleep with your 2am-bar-lit-sweaty ass. Why alcohol? Alcohol is liquid lubricant. For beginners out there in the getting laid game, you should always be around alcohol and women if you are looking to get laid. Alcohol serves an important purpose – it creates a “primal” mentality in humans. You are going to need her to be thinking with her subconscious slutty mind, not her ballsweat-grosses-me-out one.

The Method (Step-By-Step)

  1. Go to a local bar with a decent bar scene around 12pm-2am (or about 2 hours before whatever time your bar of choice closes). Before you go, be dressed nicely (button up shirt and jeans) and take a shower/shave.
  2. Once you get in, scan the bar for really drunk chicks. Make sure to look for girls hanging out on the outside patio of the bar smoking, this is your best bet. Women that participate in a unhealthy and risky behavior such as smoking also are likely to participate in risky behavior like having sex with a random dude who is hopefully you.
  3. Approach women who are single, and not with friends so that you don’t cause a major scene that ends badly.
  4. Approach the first woman of your choice and say, “Hello”
  5. After she replies, say, “What are you up to later tonight?”
  6. If she appears interested in what you have to say, reply in a non-nonchalant friendly tone with a charm and perhaps smile, “Wanna come back to my place?”
  7. You will either get a yes or a no. If you get a no, just approach a different girl in a different section of the bar that didn’t see you talking to the girl you just received a no from. Rinse and repeat. Remember, it is all a numbers game.

best way of getting laid method

In Order For This Method Of Getting Laid To Work…

Remember – This method is purely a numbers game. People all think and react differently. Women are simply people with biological urges – just like men. The more women you approach and use this method on, the higher the chances of you approaching a woman interested in getting your dick inserted into her moist coochie becomes.

Bottom Line

Using this method WILL get you laid if you decide to grow some balls and ACTUALLY DO IT. It is definitely the EASIEST way to have sex with a girl that I know of. Trust us here at Getting Laid Guide… If you aren’t getting laid right now and need something to get you back on track or just get you RESULTS FAST, then this is the method for you. Most people will look at this method and just make excuses like, “Maybe a male model could use that and get laid, but I definitely couldn’t.” I PROMISE there is some woman out there RIGHT NOW with such a low self-esteem that she would even sleep with a complete loser like yourself. You know what the equation is lacking though? Effort from you. Now, get out there and start talking to some women.

smartest way to have sex with a girl

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