How To Get Laid On Tinder

The Complete Getting Laid On Tinder Guide

how to get laid on tinder

By Garrett “G-Wolf” Webster

This guide will give you step-by-step instructions on how to get laid on Tinder. Tinder has created a unique opportunity as a guy to have access to easy sex every night of the week. This works especially well if you live in a big city or a college town. This guide is easy to follow and even a complete idiot can make this work. However, I’m not going to give you a bunch of, “Just be yourself and everything will work out” advice. Fuck that. There are some hard and fast rules of attraction that if you don’t follow them, you will fail with this guide. If you refuse to follow the laws of attraction, no guide on planet Earth will help you. So… what are the rules?

Basic Two Laws Of Attraction

1. Be Attractive.

2. Don’t Be Unattractive.

No, I’m not being sarcastic. Tinder is an app where the FIRST thing that you will be COMPLETELY JUDGED ON is your appearance. You don’t have to be a male model, but you need to make sure that you have at least an above average body and be able to take decent pictures of yourself. If you are fat… go to the gym and come back to this guide in 6 months. If you are too skinny, eat more and gain some muscle, then come back to this guide in 6 months. How to get laid on Tinder is just like the real world, nobody wants to have sex with a disgusting body.

Let’s Take Some Photos

Alright, first thing is first… since you are only going to be judged SOLELY off of the way you look, then you are going to need to take some good pictures. I recommend taking 3 different pictures and leaving it at that. Always remember, your appearance is MOST IMPORTANT on Tinder, so don’t slack off and take some half-ass pictures. You will need 3 different types of pictures.

1. Shirtless Picture

2. Professional Picture

3. Picture of you Partying with Friends or a picture of you in a social setting with people who appear to be hanging out and having fun with you.

Your first picture (And the first picture a girl sees) should be a shirtless photo of yourself. The reason for this is that we are looking for women who are looking for the same thing we are – sex. You are looking for how to get laid on Tinder, not looking how to secure a long-lasting relationship. You want to filter out the women looking for relationships and marriage right off of the bat, and the best way to do that is to have a half-naked photo of yourself. The key to the shirtless photo is to hopefully make it non-nonchalant like having a picture of you shirtless at the beach, but if you have a pretty good body then there is nothing wrong with a simple shirtless mirror selfie.

hot girl on tinder

Your second picture should be a professional picture of yourself in a suit or nice clothes and a clean haircut, if possible. This photo is basically showing a girl that not only are you a bad boy who posts a shirtless photo of himself, you also aren’t a slob loser and can clean up nicely. (Even if you are a slob loser, the great thing about Tinder is that you can create a new and improved ‘virtual’ you.)

Your third picture should be of you partying with friends. If you can’t find any pictures of you partying with friends, or if you are a basement dweller who doesn’t have any friends, then just go to some sort of social setting and meet new people and take pictures with them. The reason you want to have a picture with people around you being friendly and excited with you is that it makes you not look like a creeper. If you have read any other posts on Getting Laid Guide, then you would know that women have incredible social senses and can easily figure out whether or not they should take their panties off if some guy is a little weird. Hot women have especially well tuned social senses so this is the ultimate way on how to get hot girls on tinder. How many complete weirdos have a bunch of friends that they take pictures and party with? Not many.

Profile Description (About Me Section)

This is where you can add some personality to your profile… but don’t. You aren’t trying to be Mr. Comedian or Mr. Charming. The key to a good profile description is to hint at what you want. What do you want? Well, hopefully you want to get laid. So then, how are you going to convey that you want to get laid? You have to SELL YOUR DICK without overtly saying, HEY COME FUCK ME! My go-to for the about me section is this, “Looking for fun.” That is all I put. Those three words have helped get me laid plenty of times over the years using Tinder.

Let’s break down why this works… When a girl first sees your profile she sees a shirtless guy. She either is immediately interested or passes. If she is interested then she may click on the picture to see more. She is going to see your 3 fantastic pictures and think, “Wow, this guy is attractive.” At this time we want her to read our About Me section. If she reads it and still is interested, you have just found yourself a woman who is down-to-fuck. This is how to get laid on Tinder the right way.


sexy woman tinder profile

Chatting (How To Convince A Woman To Meet Up With You)

OK, after swiping left or right for a while you probably have matched with a few women that you find sexy enough to insert your flesh drill into. Now we need to convince that object of beauty to become your sex object for at least the twenty seven it takes you to cum. Quality over quantity is definitely not how to get laid on Tinder First things first, you are going to have to message her. Before you start though, have a game plan. Below is the order of events that you should take her through to get from Point A to Point B in as straight and fast of a line as possible.

Chat On Tinder → Get Her Phone Number → Text Her To Meet Up → Meet Up At Bar → Take Her To Your/Her Place

Alright, so here is how this order of events is going to go down. First off, message her on Tinder. Just say, “Hello.” If she replies back, just ask her three questions (listed below) and make sure to let her answer each question first before continuing on to the next one. The following questions are qualifying questions. From my personal experience, women who smoke (weed or cigarettes), drink, or have tattoos are MUCH more likely to put out. If they answer yes to even one of the questions below, you have a high chance of getting laid that night. Here is an example of how a conversation on Tinder should happen…

Example Conversation

“Hello” – You

“Hi” – Her

“I would love to grab a drink with you tonight, but do you mind if I ask you three questions to see if we will get along?” – You

“Sure” – Her

“Do you drink?” – You

“Pretty much every day lol.” – Her

“Ha ha, perfect. Do you smoke weed or cigarettes?” – You

“I smoke weed from time to time :)” – Her

“I like you already. Last question, do you have any tattoos?” – You

“Yeah, I have a turtle on my ankle that says ‘Love’ right beneath it. It is super cute!” – Her

“Alright, alright, stop being so awesome. Let’s meet up for a drink tonight, what’s your #?” – You

“502-382-7**4” – Her

BOOM! Just like that, you have her phone number.

You may be thinking, “OK… I have her phone number, but I’m still not in her panties.” True, but you are one step closer to smashing her slambox. There are a couple extra steps on how to get hot girls on Tinder. Now, text her real phone and set up a date at a bar. Don’t go on any other kind of date, we are trying to get laid, not get a girlfriend… alcohol is a necessity.

Once you meet up at the bar, the main point is to get her drunk while simultaneously spending as little money on your end as possible. You, on the other hand, should only have a drink or two. This is a major key on how to get laid on Tinder. You want to stay as sober as possible so that you have the upper hand. If possible get her to exit the bar and smoke weed with you. This will make her chill out and also helps enhance the effect of the alcohol inside of her. Remember, you want her to be as drunk as possible so that she is willing to have sex with you by the end of the night.

The last step is to convince her to have sex with you. Here is the line I use towards the end of the night. It is incredibly effective, although it seems like a total dumbass move. Trust me though, this line works 99% of the time because it puts you in the power position instantly. At the very end of the night before you guys are about to head back together or split apart tell her, “I had a very nice night and I would like to hang out with you back at my place, but I just have one rule that we can’t break if we go back to my place… I don’t have sex with someone the first night I meet them, I hope you can respect that.” Trust me, this line sounds crazy, and the first time I did it I thought I was being an idiot, but it works wonders. It is the perfect line for how to get laid on Tinder. This line works by putting doubt in her head. By saying that you won’t have sex with her tonight, she will automatically think something is wrong with her. She will 99% of the time take this line as a challenge and as soon as you get back to your place she will try to have sex with you. Just pretend you are too drunk to push her off and go along with it.

tinder getting laid guide

I hope this guide helped you with how to get laid on Tinder, good luck out there!

How Do You Rate Yourself?

How Do Rate Yourself on a Scale From 1-10?

scale from 1 to 10

Seriously, how do you rate your body, in terms of your physical appearance, in terms of your health? Your level of motivation is directly related to how you feel about yourself. Having a high self confidence is very important. Many people will leave the universe without a trace. Many people will never know you were even here. At some time you are going to get tired. You are going to get in a rut. It will seem like you are just digging an endless pit. Feeling powerless, depressed, feeling useless.


How Do You Get Yourself Out of a Rut

digging out of a rut

We must constantly be working on ourselves. The greatest thing that humans have is that they can think rationally. I suggest you listen to motivational tapes within the first 20 minutes of waking up. By listening to motivational tapes puts your day off on the right foot. Thinking on a higher level is difficult, it takes energy, but if you put in the effort and energy it will pay you back tenfold.


What Happens As You Expand Yourself

expanding your mind

As you work out daily, and develop your mind, you will begin to see huge gains in your physical and mental capacities. You will wake up and feel good. Your health is valuable. Your body is the only vehicle that you have to take you through this incredible experience called life. Take care of your body. Make a health plan, prepare healthy meals in the refrigerator for the week and enjoy. Remember, the only person who can solve your problems is… you. Internalize that fact for a second. Are you behind on your car payments? Are you having trouble talking to women? Do you work too much and never have any free time? All of these problems are YOUR problems. The only person who can solve these problems is YOU. Work on YOURSELF and see amazing results.

Tactics Women Use To Get Men Hooked

Women Using Tactics In Order To Get You Hooked

Women aren’t dumb creatures. The current woman is a product of thousands of years of evolution. The average woman is smart enough to know how to use a man. Make sure to watch out for the list of red-flags below. If you have a woman use one of these tactics on you, make sure you keep your guard up.

1. Virgin Until Marriage

tactics women use to get men hooked

Some women think that if they save themselves for marriage, it will make them more attractive. Well, it may make them more attractive to religious guys, but this website is made for those who want to get laid. If a girl tells you she is a virgin, just leave. Virgins are the most boring women to be with in the bedroom, take it from me, they have no idea what they are doing.

2. Cooking

women cooking

A girl who cooks for you is the best-evil that there is. A woman who can cook is a true angel. This is the type of woman that you never want to leave. It is definitely one of the most common tactics women use to get men hooked. However, when it comes to getting laid, a woman who can cook is a woman that you want to avoid. These women will lure you in with amazing meals, the next thing you know, she is moving in with you. Remember… being single allows for much more freedom.

3. Cleaning

lady cleaning

A good looking woman usually never cleans. If you are looking for a woman to clean for you, hire a housemaid. A woman who cleans your house is cleaning up so that she can move in. Do you want her to move in? I didn’t think so. This is a one of the deadliest tactics women use to get men hooked. It works so well because you think that she will always clean for you. However, that is almost never the case. Here at Getting Laid Guide, we make sure that you don’t get hooked up with a woman that you will stay with long term.

4. Sex Anytime, Anywhere

woman who will have sex any time

Now this may seem like a great thing, and it is. However, it can be a potential red flag. Many women want something else out of a man besides sex. The problem is, for the first couple of weeks, they may pretend that they love sex and everything to do with it. A great tip is if the girl burns incense in her house, then she probably doesn’t like sex all that much.

How To Find DTF Girls Easily (Down To F*ck)

How To Find DTF Girls Easily (Down To F*ck)

how to find girls who are down to fuck

By Garrett “G-Wolf” Webster

What To Look For

Identifying the type of woman that takes her clothes off by the end of the night may seem to be an impossible task. However, after you know what you should be looking for, it will become one of the easiest things to do without even thinking about it. Just like anything else, identifying slutty women is a skill. Any skill can be taught and executed.

The Signs

Below are a list of signs that the girl you are looking at may be slutty enough for your immature behavior.

She Smokes – If a girl smokes cigarettes or marijuana, she most likely puts out. Those who believe, “My body is a temple” aren’t putting out for a different guy every night. However, if they are smoking or doing any kind of drugs they probably aren’t thinking too far into the future of their health. This leaves a perfect spot for a nasty sweaty guy like yourself to squeeze into.

smoking woman

She Has A Tattoo/Tattoos – If a girl has tattoos, it is pretty much saying, “Hey, I have really low self esteem and I needed someone to put ink PERMANENTLY into my skin so that I receive more attention.” Definitely give that girl the attention she craves, and then she will probably be paying plenty of attention to your penis after a couple drinks.

woman with tattoos

She Is Dressed Like A Slut – Believe it or not, women who dress like a slut usually want to be fucked like one that night.

girl dressed like a slut

She Drinks A Lot – Women who get wasted at the bar and stay all the way until the bar closes will definitely put out. Drinking a lot could be a sign of a lot of problems… depression, stress, being an alcoholic… All problems that are easily solved by your penis. Remember – alcohol is liquid lubrication.

alcoholic lady


In conclusion, most young women out there in the United States are sluts. Go out there and start talking to women. In order to be successful at anything, you have to do that thing. So, want to get laid? Then go out there and talk a girl into taking off her panties.

Easiest Way To Have Sex With A Girl

Straight Line Sex Method

easiest way to have sex with a girl

By Garrett “G-Wolf” Webster

Alright, this is definitely the EASIEST and probably FASTEST way to get sex, but it is definitely a numbers game. This method is super SIMPLE and even a complete idiot can get laid with this, however, you do need one trait to really make this method highly effective – CONFIDENCE. Those with insane confidence (Or who can fake very high confidence) will really love this method.



The method is the absolute easiest way to have sex with a girl and works really well if you can be confident and stay confident, but there is one major thing that is very important to making this method work well – ALCOHOL. That’s right, break out the Bacardi, this chick is going to need low inhibitions in order to sleep with your 2am-bar-lit-sweaty ass. Why alcohol? Alcohol is liquid lubricant. For beginners out there in the getting laid game, you should always be around alcohol and women if you are looking to get laid. Alcohol serves an important purpose – it creates a “primal” mentality in humans. You are going to need her to be thinking with her subconscious slutty mind, not her ballsweat-grosses-me-out one.

The Method (Step-By-Step)

  1. Go to a local bar with a decent bar scene around 12pm-2am (or about 2 hours before whatever time your bar of choice closes). Before you go, be dressed nicely (button up shirt and jeans) and take a shower/shave.
  2. Once you get in, scan the bar for really drunk chicks. Make sure to look for girls hanging out on the outside patio of the bar smoking, this is your best bet. Women that participate in a unhealthy and risky behavior such as smoking also are likely to participate in risky behavior like having sex with a random dude who is hopefully you.
  3. Approach women who are single, and not with friends so that you don’t cause a major scene that ends badly.
  4. Approach the first woman of your choice and say, “Hello”
  5. After she replies, say, “What are you up to later tonight?”
  6. If she appears interested in what you have to say, reply in a non-nonchalant friendly tone with a charm and perhaps smile, “Wanna come back to my place?”
  7. You will either get a yes or a no. If you get a no, just approach a different girl in a different section of the bar that didn’t see you talking to the girl you just received a no from. Rinse and repeat. Remember, it is all a numbers game.

best way of getting laid method

In Order For This Method Of Getting Laid To Work…

Remember – This method is purely a numbers game. People all think and react differently. Women are simply people with biological urges – just like men. The more women you approach and use this method on, the higher the chances of you approaching a woman interested in getting your dick inserted into her moist coochie becomes.

Bottom Line

Using this method WILL get you laid if you decide to grow some balls and ACTUALLY DO IT. It is definitely the EASIEST way to have sex with a girl that I know of. Trust us here at Getting Laid Guide… If you aren’t getting laid right now and need something to get you back on track or just get you RESULTS FAST, then this is the method for you. Most people will look at this method and just make excuses like, “Maybe a male model could use that and get laid, but I definitely couldn’t.” I PROMISE there is some woman out there RIGHT NOW with such a low self-esteem that she would even sleep with a complete loser like yourself. You know what the equation is lacking though? Effort from you. Now, get out there and start talking to some women.

smartest way to have sex with a girl

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